St Ann's Catholic Elementary School

St Ann's Catholic Elementary School

St Ann's Catholic School Brings Dignity and Respect to Learning.

Are you looking to give your child a foundational education that incorporates dignity and respect along with moral and spiritual dimensions? St Ann’s Catholic School is a school where every child is safeguarded, accepted, and respected. This is the St. Ann’s Advantage! They are a contemporary Catholic school serving Preschool to Grade 7. The school exists to offer a faith-based education in an ever-changing society by living the gospel of Jesus Christ.

At St. Ann's School, education goes beyond the purely technical and practical aspects of schooling. St. Ann aims to integrate knowledge and learn within a vision of the modern-day world and the human person. The teaching concept focuses on the physical, emotional, moral, and spiritual dimensions of human development, leading to a personal synthesis of each student's faith and life.

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150 Sutherland Ave, Quesnel, BC V2J2J5
Telephone: (250) 992-6237

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

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As an independent school, many qualities and services set them apart from public schools. They treasure their Catholic-Christian identity and values while welcoming all people of diverse beliefs, cultures, and backgrounds. The staff and students at St. Ann's foster a positive, disciplined learning environment based on treating peers and teachers with dignity and respect.


St. Ann's Catholic School's - Mission Statement

"To provide an environment enriched by our Catholic traditions and Gospel values, where each student is given the opportunity to strive for personal, intellectual, spiritual, and physical excellence as a responsible member of society and a unique child of God."


St. Ann's strives for educational excellence in the following ways:

1.     Recognizing individual student achievements and effort with a monthly and annual awards program

2.     Discipline 

3.     Smaller class sizes for a more conducive learning environment

4.     Dress code which includes school uniforms (limiting peer judgment based on appearance)

5.     Zero tolerance of bullying

6.     Affordable tax-deductible tuition

7.     Among the most affordable independent schools in British Columbia

8.     After school care and preschool available on site

9.     Large private well-maintained green space with a new soccer field and modern, well-maintained play equipment

10. Learning assistance

11. Bus service

12. The warm, caring family environment that embraces acceptance and belonging

13. Safe, secure learning and play environments

14. Daily spiritual component

15. Open to parent participation and involvement

16. Value is placed on having fun while learning

17. School-wide Zones of Regulation program for conflict resolution and positive mental and emotional health

St. Ann's ensures that extensive COVID-19 pandemic and health safety protocols are in place and closely followed by staff and students in these challenging times.

Their before and after school clubs are currently running, following the same cohort system they have in school. When it is safe to gather, students will have the opportunity to engage in activities like swimming, skating, skiing, basketball, volleyball, and track, and field, along with many other extracurricular activities. There is also a full slate of school spirit days, funfairs, holiday celebrations, family dances, and STEM and STEAM programs. Traditionally there is a Grade 6/7 annual camping trip. There are bi-weekly hot lunches and/or pizza days (by pre-order).

St Ann’s also offers monthly mass, liturgies, and faith formation activities.



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