Reed's Saw Repair

Reed's Saw Repair

Stay Sharp as a Whistle with Quesnel's Reed's Saw Repair.

"Sharp as a whistle," says Matt Reed, owner of Reed's Saw Repair in Quesnel, as he describes the results that customers can expect when they have items sharpened at his shop. Matt Reed has over 50 years of experience in the saw filing industry, so he knows what he is talking about.

Matt Reed is a 4th generation saw filer, learning the trade from his grandfather and mostly his father. The Reed family roots run deep in the saw filing and sharpening business. Before coming to Quesnel, his family lived in a little area called Reedville, Quebec, where the family ran the saw filing business & sawmilling.

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1818 Brownmiller Rd, Quesnel BC V2J 0C5
Telephone: (250) 992-7000

Hours of Operation

Monday to Friday - 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Categories: Saw & Tool Sharpening

Matt learned the intricacy of saw filing and sharpening trade at a very young age. He used to sharpen 20 hand saws a day when he was only 12 or 13-years-old. 

Talking about family memories, Matt remembers having Fish n' Chips as a young lad with his dad every Saturday afternoon.

The Reed family eventually moved to Victoria in the 1940s, where they continued in the saw-sharpening business. Matt's father sold the company in 1993.

Matt eventually opened his own business in Quesnel, and for 13 years he operated under a different business name. Eventually deciding to reuse the name Reed’s Saw Repair – thus continuing the Reed family name and legacy.

Reed's Saw Repair manufactures and sells carbide bits, bandsaw blades and offers complete saw sharpening and sales. He also sells carbide bits by the piece or box of 100. Matt does a lot of grinding, as well as rebuilding grinders.

Reed's Saw Repair does all carbide saws for local contractors and many out-of-town businesses. The company works closely with various mills & businesses throughout the region – Matt provides troubleshooting for sawmilling.

Some of the many services that Reed's Saw Repair shop provides are:

  • Saw & tool sharpening
  • Sharpening for knives, kitchen knives, pinking shears, chipper knives, planer knives, scissors
  • Sharpens all lawnmowers, plus "Reel" mowers (that are used at golf courses)
  • Offers free pickup and delivery

Remember, things are always "sharp as a whistle" at Reed's Saw Repair. With a big grin and twinkle in his eye, owner Matt Reed adds, "I can sharpen everything but your wit."



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