Quesnel Shelter & Support Society

Quesnel Shelter & Support Society

Quesnel Shelter & Support Society - Bringing hope to the homeless.

Having a home and a roof over your head is something everyone deserves. It is a fundamental human right. However, each year, hundreds of families and individuals find themselves homeless. The Quesnel Shelter & Support Society (QSSS) is dedicated to supporting people experiencing homelessness in Quesnel and area.

355 Elliott St, Quesnel BC V2j1Y4
Email: executivedirector@seasonshouse.ca
Website: https://www.qsss.ca/
Telephone: (778) 414-1229

Hours of Operation

Seasons House is open 24 hours


The Quesnel Shelter & Support Society's mission is straightforward:

"To create a place of safety and support for people experiencing homelessness in Quesnel. It is a place where they can receive shelter, nourishment, and services, which foster independence and success."

The Quesnel Shelter & Support Society operates the Seasons House 24 hours a day with this mission in mind. Seasons House offers emergency shelter, transitional housing, and emergency weather response. The Society also operates Bridges Supportive Housing, Supportive Recovery, Northern Peer Connections, a Homelessness Prevention Program, and a Clean Team.


Bridges Supportive Housing:

It is a partnership between Quesnel Shelter & Support Society and BC Housing and is operational in Quesnel. Supportive housing is subsidized housing with on-site support. These supports help people find and maintain housing stability. Residents have access to their own self-contained studio apartments with shared amenity spaces. All residents sign a program or agreement and participate in programming based on an individualized care plan.

Northern Peer Connections: 

It is funded by Quesnel Community Action Team. The program offers mobile harm reduction outreach service, harm reduction supplies, and education, sharps pick up and safe disposal, and Naloxone training and distribution.

The Homelessness Prevention Program (HPP):

Operates with a "Housing First" philosophy. It believes that people are better able to move forward in their lives if their basic needs are first met; housing is a basic need and human right. There are no conditions, such as sobriety or psychiatric treatment, that need to be met before housing. HPP clients are provided with housing and then surrounded with support based on their individual needs. 

The Clean Team: 

The team is led by and composed of peers. They are people with past or present lived experiences of homelessness and/or substance use. The peers are employed part-time and perform morning cleanups of needles, items for using drugs, and litter around downtown, schools, and other 'hotspot' areas. They also provide information, Naloxone training, and take-home Naloxone kits in the community.


The Quesnel Shelter & Support Society is based on harm reduction principles and minimal barriers. There are minimal obstacles and barriers in the way of accessing our services. Quesnel Shelter & Support Society recognizes that their work involves the highest needs and high-risk members of our community and therefore needs to be creative and flexible to meet them where they are at to receive much-needed services.

The Quesnel Shelter & Support Society reminds everyone that "Homelessness does not equal hopelessness." The QSSS thanks the community of Quesnel for their generous support of their programs and prides itself in bringing hope to people every day.


Quesnel Shelter & Support Society

Bridges Supportive Housing

355 Elliott Street, Quesnel, BC V2J1Y4

Phone 778-414-1229

Fax 778-414-2642


Seasons House Emergency Shelter

146 Carson Ave, Quesnel, BC V2J2A8

Phone 250-991-0222

Guest Line 250-992-5739

Fax 250-992-6573





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