Quesnel & District Child Development Centre

Quesnel & District Child Development Centre

300-488 McLean St, Quesnel, BC V2J2P2
Website: https://quesnelcdc.com/
Telephone: (250) 992-2481

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Monday to Friday

8:00 am to 4:30 pm

Youth in Action Afterschool Program:

Monday to Thursday, 2:30 to 5:30 pm

Categories: Children's Services, Social Service Organizations

Quesnel and District Child Development Centre:

Working with children and families to promote health, growth, and development since 1976.

There is nothing more important than providing children and families opportunities to learn, develop, and reach their potential. When children and families are supported to grow in ways that are safe, secure, and respectful, the entire community prospers and benefits. The Quesnel and District Child Development Centre offers assessments, programs, therapies, and other services dedicated to getting children off to their best start.

The Quesnel and District Child Development Centre strongly believes that people are entitled to quality programs and support systems which facilitate physical, intellectual, emotional, communicative, and social development. One of these might be right for you:

1.     Pregnancy Outreach Program: Promoting healthy mothers and healthy babies, POP provides supports and information to help families have as healthy a pregnancy as possible and healthy living in the six months following birth. Dietitian services, outreach counseling, and nutritional supports delivered through group programs or on an individual basis are the keys to why POP has been successful for almost 30 years.

2.     Infant Development Program: IDP provides home and center-based services for infants and toddlers in these beginning years to address risks for delays in any area of development. Professional consultants assist families by enhancing knowledge about early development, teaching skills that actively support development, and helping families make optimum use of all available community services. Individual visits and group programs are provided to guide development, coordinate services, facilitate needed referrals, and support the transition to the preschool years.

3.     Supported Child Development: SCD provides identified children (up to age 18) with the extra support they need to be included in community childcare programs alongside their friends and neighbors. Services are based on assessing needs, developing care plans to achieve inclusion, and providing educational information for families and childcare providers. Referrals to other community services, coordination, consultation support, and various group programs to enhance skills are also offered.

4.     Therapy Programs: Early intervention speech-language therapy is offered for young children up to the age they enter school who have speech, language or social communication challenges. Occupational therapy and physiotherapy services are available for the early intervention age group (birth to school entry), with consultation-only OT and PT supports available to school-age children and youth with specifically identified needs.

5.      Family Supports: The CDC offers navigation supports to help families connect to the programs and services they might need outside of our agency, as well as an educational program aimed at strenghtening the parent-child relationship and attachment.


Every day, the organization reflects on its mission statement: "To help pregnant women, new parents, children, youth, and families discover their potential. Our work supports our clients to bring this potential into the world using a family-centered model which acknowledges and respects each individual."

More about us:  The Quesnel and District Child Development Centre is a local non-profit organization founded in 1976. It is a registered charity, and its core services are free of charge to families. The key funders include MCFD, PHAC, Northern Health, fundraising events & community donations. The Child Development Centre is governed by a volunteer board of directors, who donate their time, energy, and expertise to ensure that their organization is effective and accountable.

Please note: COVID-19 has impacted how we deliver some services. However, we are still working hard to meet the needs of the community. Please contact us directly to ask about how we can support you and your family.





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